"We are immensely satisfied with the work that they do.“

Christof Krugmann, Galvatech

"Our enduring working relationship with Coetzee Safety at Grinaker-LTA is a direct outcome of their company's professional approach, unwavering commitment, and steadfast support."

Jakes Erasmus, Grinker-LTA

"The staff and the company itself display an extraordinary level of competence. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

George Angus, Managing Director, GeotageProperty Group

"I haven't encountered such a high level of competence and professionalism in quite some time."

Nozi Maphoto, Department of Employment and Labour

"I was thoroughly impressed with their exceptional professionalism, timely service delivery, and their ability to seamlessly collaborate with the entire project management team."

Francois Engelbrecht, Director / Architect, Brink Stokes Mkhize (PTY) Ltd

“I was extremely satisfied with their level of professionalism, prompt service delivery and ability to work with the rest of the project management team.”

Craig Findlay, Group Technical Manager, ConsolGlass

"Staff interaction is very professional. Value for money. Always available to assist."

George February, OHS Coordinator, WCG–Department of Infrastructure

"I have had excellent service from Ryan Oswald and Peter Dobson. They have been reliable and always respectful irrespective of challenges they may have faced during challenging situations."

Kirshni Naidoo, Director – OHS, UCT

"My experience and interaction with the directors and staff of CCHSA has been pleasant and positive. They are dedicated team players, solution driven, helpful and professional in their field of service delivery. CCHSA plays an important and contributed roll in the Health & Safety sector of the construction industry and I will highly recommend their services to any company.“

Francois Visser, Program Leader, WBHO

"The staff at CCHSA really know their work and what they are doing, they are efficient and even go above and beyond their scope."

Mercy Dladla, Project Manager / Architect, UkuzaHoldings

"CCHSA has provided efficient, well informed and clear responses pertaining to the project's Occupational Health and Safety requirements. The level of professionalism provided continues to yield positive outcomes to the project."

Lucy Nylifs, Project Manager, DWS–Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management

“CCHSA has provided a great service to the City of Cape Town, aiming at all times to deliver a professional service that would protect the client from risk. We have used CCHSA for multiple construction and routine maintenance projects. CHSA has gone above and beyond to assist Contractors with Health and Safety compliance while trying to up-skill personnel to do better in the industry. Thank you for the good work Louis, Therine, Peter, and the team.”

Brita Megan, Professional Officer, CoCT

"All Coetzee CHSA's management and staff that I engaged with in the past 18 months, during various types of projects, are all highly knowledgeable in their profession. They demonstrated a high level of understanding of the vast array of aspects of the construction industry and provided professional service.
Their commitment to protect both the client and contractor in their respective roles is certainly commendable. Their ability, adaptability, and willingness to promptly resolve rising matters resulted in uninterrupted service delivery.
They are innovative and proactive in their approach to ensure that comprehensive compliance is reached promptly.
I highly recommend Coetzee CHSA.“

Uli du Toit, Senior Professional Officer, CoCT-Road Infrastructure Management

The core of what supports our vision, shapes our culture, reflects what we value and the essence of our identity is to be
Solution Driven Efficient Dynamic Trustworthy Integrity Professionalism

About Us

Coetzee CHSA (Pty) Ltd was established in 2018 when the shareholders of the founding company, Coetzee Safety Consultants (Pty) Ltd (Est. 2011), decided to subdivide the company into different disciplines. We focus on providing Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent services. We strive to provide our clients with premier bespoke Construction Health and Safety Solutions designed to promote the successful execution of construction projects.

We are the ultimate Construction Health and Safety Solution and the leading consultancy in the Western Cape. Our core values and the essence of our identity is to be Solution Driven, Efficient, Dynamic, Trustworthy and to operate with Integrity and Professionalism

Our Services

  • Construction Health and Safety Agent Services
  • Development of Baseline Risk Assessment
  • Project Health and Safety Risk Briefs
  • Development of Construction Health and Safety Specifications
  • Conducting Compliance Audits and Inspections
  • Construction Work Permit Applications
  • Assisting with Incident Investigations
  • Managing of Health and Safety on Construction Projects


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